Notting Hill / Pinewood TC has a long history of providing opportunities for it’s Junior members to play Tennis. Whether a Junior members ambition is to play social, club or tournament tennis we are able to provide the opportunity for each individual’s needs.

We have been able to provide a structure whereby our Juniors do not have to leave the club to chase grades as they improve. This is simply that the Association has the critical mass of Junior teams at the various grades; from D Special through to Presidents Cup.

All Juniors are encouraged to have tennis lessons and our coaches provide plenty of opportunities for advancement.

Watch out for HOT SHOTS after school challenge events each Term for ORANGE and Green Ball players new to competition tennis! It’s primary aim is to encourage more practice time for new entrants to those new to the sport.


Notting Hill / Pinewood Tennis Club is an inclusive sporting Association working with the City of Monash and Sports Without Borders to get the right outcomes.

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If you have any questions or you’re interested in becoming a member of Notting Hill / Pinewood Tennis Club, contact the Club Membership Director.

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About Our Juniors

Junior Overview

Junior coaching lessons are available throughout the week by appointment with the club coach, Rhys Xavier  – 0498 976 890.

The following are on offer though some will have qualifying standards for interested players

  Hot Shots
  Boot Camps
  Tournament Preparation

Specifics need to be discussed.


Junior teams are entered in both the WDTA Winter and Summer seasons. The club has teams of all grades. Selection in higher grades is results based. Both, Saturday and Sunday morning competitions are available.

Playing Times

Junior players are encouraged to enter Tennis Australia sanctioned tournaments.

Tennis Australia has Junior Development Series that allows for players of all standards within age groups. Player specific requirements should be discussed with the players coach.

The tournament schedule is available on the Tennis Australia website (see links below).

For the more serious player development programs inclusive of a their tournament calendar should be prepared in conjunction with their coach.

Club Championships

All Junior members are invited to participate in the Annual Club Championships. Boys and Girls A & B plus unisex C/D events are held. The “Championships” are held annually with dates and times to be announced by committee.

Our current Junior Champions are:

  Boys Junior Champion –
  Girls Junior Champion –

ITF - Australian Hardcourt Championships

Between 1990 and 2010 in conjunction with Tennis Australia Notting Hill / Pinewood hosted this Group 1 ITF Junior Tournament. In the intervening years many of the worlds best juniors played this tournament prior to playing the Australian Open Junior Championships.

Many of these Juniors have since made their mark in the Seniors ranks and the honor board in the pavilion reflects some of the games greats, though not all made their mark. The great Roger Federer failed in his attempt and crashed out in the semi-finals as did Marcus Bagdadis.

To view some of the action, see Gallery to the right.

Tournament Play

Junior members are encouraged to enter Tennis Australia sanctioned events as advertised on the Tennis Australia web-site. There are tournaments of various standards and all ages. Discuss with the club coach which ones are most appropriate for you.

To find out more about tournaments, click HERE.


Players receive awards at the end of each Season.

  “Frog Award” – Player with the most 6-0 sets throughout the season.
  Best Boy and Girl Player Awards – Highest aggregate score in a season.
  Outstanding Season Award – Players with aggregates of 50 or greater in any season.
  Best Club Person Award – An individual that has demonstrated characteristics that embodies outstanding club behavior and leadership.


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Hot Shots Membership

Are you 11 and Under and currently enrolled in the Association’s HOT SHOTS Coaching Program?

The club created a cost effective HOT SHOT membership category as all students in lessons are expected to practice. Further the club has set up AFTER SCHOOL HOTS SHOTS challenge competitions to assist in the development of the understanding of the rules and etiquete of the game of tennis plus it is FUN.

Further as a HOT SHOTS member you are allowed to come to the club outside your lessons with your mum or dad and practice. Be sure to check the Court Allocation and identify a time that is free from a scheduled Competition or Coaching time.

Parents should check with the Head Coach and discuss how best to practice so that the HOT SHOTS Members extra practice is both enjoyable as well as reinforcing what has been taught. Bags of Red, Orange and Green balls for practice are available from the office.

We strongly reinforce that the objective of playing tennis remains as it has always been – Fun.

Thus you will often hear the two fundamental rules of tennis.

RULE 1. – You play for FUN.

RULE 2. – Never forget RULE 1.

No Minimum Standard

Play Before Joining

If you would like to get to know the club before joining, there are two ways of getting into the swing of things:

   Hire a court and play with friends, see Court Hire.
   Join our Organised Social Tennis Evenings every Wednesday 7:30PM.

There are also evening competitions (Contact the Night Competition Convenor for more details):

   Monday Evenings
   Tuesday Evenings
   Thursday Evenings

Our Organised Social Tennis Evenings (Contact the Social Competition Convenor for more details):

   New entrants into our ranks; or
   Those without a hitting partner; or
   Simply if your schedule does not allow for a commitment over a 14 week regular season.

It is open to both members & non-members. Refer to fees below.

Fees for Organised Social Tennis Evenings
Category Conditions Fee
Members > Ball Fee (supply of new balls)
> Light Fee (cost for night lights)
Non-Members > Ball Fee (supply of new balls)
> Light Fee (cost for night lights)

Membership Categories & Fees

Financial membership entitles players full use of the courts and pavilion although there are a number of restrictions that members need to be aware of inclusive of:

  Membership Categories
  Court Allocations and Procedures

The Membership Categories & Fees are as follows:

Category Conditions Yearly Fee
Hot Shots (Under 12yo) > Must be under the age of 12
> Must be enrolled in the club’s HOT SHOTS Coaching Program*
(* either Red, Orange or Green ball – not playing in the WDTA Junior Competition)
> Play available 7 days
Junior (Under 18yo) > Must be aged between 12yo and 17yo
> Play available 7 days
Student (18+) > Must be 18+
> Must be full-time student with student ID card
> Play available 7 days
Adult > Must be 18+
> Play available 7 days
Retiree (55+) > Must be 55+
> Must be retired from full-time work
> Play available 7 days
Night Comp > Must be 18+
> Must be enrolled in Night Competition
> Play only available during Night Competition season
Pennant > Must be 18+
> Play only available during Tennis Victoria Pennant season
Social > Non-playing membership
> Club access only

Refer to the Constitution & By-Laws for voting and other conditions.

Note: The membership year is 1st October through to 30th September each year. For full details, see Membership Year below.

Membership DOCUMENTS

> View New Constitution HERE

> View T&Cs HERE

Membership Year

The Associations membership year is from 1st October through to 30th September. Annual invoices are sent to all members in September. A late fee is payable for all memberships paid after the 1st October and membership privileges are enforced automatically for members 90 days in arrears.

For those members that join during a membership year pro-rata fees will be offered and adjusted quarterly.

Both a Joining Fee and a compulsory Tennis Australia Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) fee will also be charged as will GST.

For full details, refer to Additional Fees below.

Additional Fees

Category Conditions Fee
Joining Fee > Price per application N/A
Insurance Fee > Tennis Australia Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) Included in membership
Light Fee > Only payable when playing social tennis under lights Included in membership
Ball Fee /
Team Registration Fee
> All competition players are required to pay a Ball Fee and Team Registration Fee (if applicable) Included in membership

How Do I Join?

It is most important for both the Association as well as a prospective member to identify the players tennis requirement.

Does the player wish to play:

  Social tennis
  Competition tennis
  Receive coaching lessons

All of the above and when is the player available?

Thus, we recommend that any prospective member discuss with the Membership Secretary their needs prior to filling out any forms. It is also important that prospective members look at the Court Allocation Schedule such that they can assess whether their planned playing times and the availability of courts allows this to occur.

To actually join, a prospective member will need to fill out a Membership Application Form and pay the appropriate fees as detailed. Approval by the Committee of Management is also required.

Procedure for Membership Application

If you would like to become a member of the club, it is recommended you follow these steps:

1. Discuss your membership application with a Club official.
The Committee of Management reserves the right to decline a person’s application.
All membership applications must be approved by the committee.
2. Complete Membership Application Form.
3. Submit your application form and payment* to the club.
*We accept EFTPoS, Credit Card, Cash or Cheque.
b. EMAIL form and remittance to:
Banking details for electronic transfer:
Contact the treasurer for details
4. No joining fees are required


If you have any queries relating to the application process, please email us, committee@nhptc.com.au.

NOTE: All students in the coaching program MUST be financial members of the club.

club membership

Download Form HERE

Bill Yang
> 0407 552 148


If a member no longer wishes to remain a member then the Association would appreciate the courtesy of being informed so that the needless sending of mail and SMS messages occurs. Members will need to ensure that all outstanding fees are paid and if any keys are in their possession, returned.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

The club recommends you first meet with the Membership Secretary to discuss your player needs and ensure the court allocation schedule suits your lifestyle. Once this is determined you will be required to complete the application form and submit the appropriate membership fee.

Why should I become a member at NHPTC?

With nearly 500 members, and 12 courts Notting Hill Pinewood is one of the most active tennis clubs in the Monash District. With a court ratio members of approximately 41 members are able to access the courts reasonably easily. We have healthy Ladies and Men’s Competitions, Boys and Girls Tennis.

Our aim is to cater for all types of people, young or old, beginner through to advanced tennis players. We welcome all potential new members and try to create a friendly, family-orientated atmosphere.

Who is eligible for membership?

Whether you’re Young or Old, Fit or Not, Boy or Girl, Male or Female, Able Bodied or Physically Challenged, everyone is welcome at Notting Hill / Pinewood Tennis Club.

Do I need to play a minimum standard to join the club?

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a budding professional tennis player, the Association is able to cater to your needs. We encourage all players to seek professional advice such that they are able to improve the standard of the tennis they play and have excellent Coaching Program available.

Can I try out the club and facilities before I join?

Yes! We suggest you hire a court either Tuesday or Thursday mornings and play with friends. Or join our Thursday evening social tennis starting at 8:00pm. This will surely help you get into the swing of things.

What is the membership period?

The Associations membership year is from 1st October through to 30th September. Annual invoices are sent to all members in September. A late fee is payable for all memberships paid after the 1st October and membership privileges are enforced automatically for members 90 days in arrears.

For those members that join during a membership year pro-rata fees will be offered.

Both a Joining Fee and a compulsory Tennis Australia Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) fee will also be charged as will GST.

What are the membership categories?

Hot Shots (3-11yo)
Junior (12-17yo)
Student (18+)
Adult (18+)
Retiree (55+)
Mid-Week (18+, Mon-Fri ONLY)
Night Comp (18+, Comp Season ONLY)
Pennant (18+, Pennant Season ONLY)
Social (Club Entry ONLY)

Are there other fees payable with the membership?

There are fees additional to the membership such as a joining fee, compulsory insurance, light fee, ball fee and gate key. For a complete description, please refer to our schedule of fees.

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