With 240 players in the Coaching Group we are fortunate to have a number of coaches who can cater for your tennis needs from beginner level up to the highest levels of Australian competition. The Association under the Head Coach, Stephen Fotakis offers a range of services to members that includes:

  Group Lessons
  Semi-Private Lessons
  Private Lessons

NHPTC offers coaching programs in association with Tennis Australia and Tennis Victoria including:

  Hot Shots
  Mum’s Tennis
  Cardio Tennis
  Tennis in Schools

To make an enquiry, please contact the coach in the mornings on 0422 446 300.

coaching program

important notice
> Membership is compulsory for all enrolled in the coaching program.

Stephen Fotakis (Head Coach)
> 0422 446 300

Player Development Pathway

Coaching Calendar

Term 1
(28 January 2020 – 27 March 2020)

Autumn Holiday Clinic Program

> Clinic 1 – 1 March to 15 March
> Clinic 2 – 16 March to 31 March

Term 2
(14 April 2020 – 26 June 2020)

Winter Holiday Clinic Program

> Clinic 1 – 1 June to 15 June
> Clinic 2 – 16 June to 30 March

Term 3
13 July 2020 – 18 September 2020)

Spring Holiday Clinic Program

> Clinic 1 – 1 September to 15 September
> Clinic 2 – 16 September to 30 September

Term 4
5 October 2020 – 18 December 2020)

Summer Holiday Program

> Hot Shots Clinic
> Tournament Program
> McKay Collins Cup
> Hot Shots Challenges

Holiday Clinics

Information coming soon.

Cardio Tennis

Information coming soon.

Coaching Prices

Coaching Programs at NHPTC Duration Price
Hot Shots Launch Pad (Ages 3-6)
FUNdamental motor skills and coordination whilst introducing the very young to the world of tennis.
30 min
45 mins
Hot Shots Lessons (Ages 6-12)
Modified courts and balls to learn to play the game of tennis through serving and rallying. Refinement of motor skills and coordination.
45 mins
60 mins
Green Ball (Hot Shots) Squad Training
Training in technique, agility and basic match strategy for kids starting out in weekend club competition (WDTA C & D Grade).
90 mins $33.00
Bronze Squad Training
Reinforcing technique and agility whilst building on match strategy for kids involved in weekend club competition (WDTA B & C Grade) transitioning to tournament play.
90 mins $33.00
Silver Squad Training
Focus on advanced technique, strength & conditioning, and match play targeted at players rated AR 1500 (Men), AR 500 (Women), (also WDTA A Grade). 
120 mins $44.00
Gold Squad Training
Comprehensive tennis training program incorporating biomechanics, fitness, strategy and match play targeted at players rated AR 1000 (Men), AR 300 (Women). 
120 mins $44.00
Platinum Squad Training
Highest level of training offered at the club targeting players competing in Platinum AMTs and ITF Junior tournaments – AR Top 500 (Men), AR Top 100 (Women). 
120 mins $44.00
Private Lessons
Individual programs designed to assist with technique correction, improvement of footwork for players of all ages and levels. For semi-private lessons, the price is shared by 2 players.
30 mins
45 mins
60 mins
Private Lessons (with Head Coach) 60 mins $80.00
Adult Group Lessons
Social environment for adults to learn the basics of the game of tennis or for more experienced adults to improve fitness and strategy.
60 mins $22.00
coaching program information

please note
> All prices are inclusive GST.
> Private lessons are normally 1:1 but can be shared by 2 players at no extra cost.
More programs will be organised in due course and will be published on the website.
> Holiday clinics and Tournament Programs will be offered during school holiday times and published on the website.
> Please check the website regularly for updated program information.

Coaching Team

Head Coach
Stephen Fotakis Tennis Australia – Level 2 Club Professional Coach
Junior Coach
Rhys Xavier Tennis Australia – Level 1 Junior Development Coach
Assistant Coaches
Long Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen
Brooke Starling
Brayden Price
Gerard Di Paolo
coaching enquiries

Stephen Fotakis (Head Coach)
> 0422 446 300


Information coming soon.

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