How do I Join?

Apr 17, 2015

It is most important for both the Association as well as a prospective member to identify the players tennis requirement.

Does the player wish to play:

  • Social tennis
  • Competition tennis
  • Receive coaching lessons

All of the above and when is the player available?

Thus we recommend that any prospective member discuss with the Membership Sceretary their needs prior to filling out any forms. It is also important that prospective members look at the Court Allocation Schedule such that they can assess whether their planned playing times and the availabilty of courts allows this to occur.

To actually join a propective member will need to fill out a Membership Application Form (attached below) and pay the appropriate fees as detailed. Approval by the Committee of Management is also required.

Membership Categories

  • Senior Member - adult member, able to play all days of the week
  • Mid-week Member - adult member, able to play week days only
  • 55+ retiree Member - adult member 55 years of age and above retired from full time work, able to play all days of the week
  • Student Member - fulltime student, able to play all days of the week
  • Junior Member - Person 17 years and under, able to play all days of the week
  • HOT SHOT Member - Person enrolled in the clubs HOT SHOTS Coaching Programme (either Red, Orange or Green ball not playing in the WDTA Junior Competition under 12 years old), able to play all days of the week

Membership Year

The Associations membership year is from 1st October through to 30th September. Annual invoices are sent to all members in September. A late fee is payable for all memberships paid after the 1st October and membership privileges are enforced automatically for members 90 days in arrears.

For those members that join during a membership year pro-rata fees will be offerred.

Both a Joining Fee and a compulsory Tennis Australia Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) fee will also be charged as will GST.

The schedule of fees can be found by clicking on the following link

Additional Fees

Light Fee - In addition to a membership fee all members are required to pay a Light Fee when playing social tennis under lights.

Ball Fees - All competition players are required to pay Ball Fees and a Team Registration Fee (If applicable).

Gate Key - A refundable Gate/Toilet Key is available upon request. $50 deposit, $30 refunded upon resignation



If a member no longer wishes to remain a member then the Association would appreciate the courtesy of being informed so that the needless sending of mail and SMS messages occurs. Members will need to ensure that all outstanding fees are paid and if any keys are in their possession, returned.