HOT SHOTS membership

Sep 14, 2015

Are you 11 and Under and currently enrolled in the Association's HOT SHOTS Coaching Program?

The club created a cost effective HOT SHOT membership category as all students in lessons are expected to practice. Further the club has set up AFTER SCHOOL HOTS SHOTS challenge competitions to assist in the development of the understanding of the rules and etiquete of the game of tennis plus it is FUN.

Further as a HOT SHOTS member you are allowed to come to the club outside your lessons with your mum or dad and practice. Be sure to check the Court Allocation and identify a time that is free from a scheduled Competition or Coaching time.

Parents should check with the Head Coach and discuss how best to practice so that the HOT SHOTS Members extra practice is both enjoyable as well as reinforcing what has been taught. Bags of Red, Orange and Green balls for practice are available from the office.

We strongly reinforce that the objective of playing tennis remains as it has always been - Fun.

Thus you will often hear the two fundemental rules of tennis.

RULE 1. - You play for FUN.

RULE 2. - Never forget RULE 1.