Apr 17, 2015

With a history going back to the early 1930's the club understands club tennis.


With nearly 500 members, and 12 courts Notting Hill Pinewood is one of the most active tennis clubs in the Monash District. With a court ratio members of approximately 41members are able to access the courts reasonably easily. We have healthy Ladies and Mens Competitions, Boys and Girls Tennis.

Our aim is to cater for all types of people, young or old, beginner through to advanced tennis players. We welcome all potential new members and try to create a friendly, family-orientated atmosphere.


We offer:

  • Social Tennis
  • Competition Tennis
  • Club Championships - no extra charge
  • Player coaching
  • Tournament player preparation
  • Low impact aerobic classes
  • Tennis Australia's sweet of programs "Hot Shots", "Mums Tennis", "Tennis in Schools" and the new "Cardio Tennis"
  • HOT SHOTS after schools challenge competitions

So if your are any of the following

  • Young or Old
  • Fit or Not
  • Boy or Girl
  • Man or Female
  • Able bodied or Physically Challenged

You are welcome at Notting Hill / Pinewood

Interested in becoming a member of Notting Hill Pinewood Tennis Club then contact the club now?