Business Plan Summary:

2016 - Key Targets

  • Maintain Coaching student numbers within 230 - 250
  • Reduce membership attrition rates to below 25%
  • Increase participation rates of target areas (HOT SHOTS 4 - 11 years Olds and Social playing members) These groups represent 50% of our members.
  • Actively manage the transition from coaching to competitive play more effectively
  • Promote Girls In Tennis
  • Improve coaching outcomes

Annual General Meeting and Report: The AGM is held in July annually. The requirements of which are described in the Associations Constitution. Whilst all are welcome to the meeting only financial Senior, Mid-week, Pennant and Student members are entitled to vote. An annual report is presented to the members as attached below.





2015 NHPTC AGM Minutes 22 JULY 2015.pdf108.16 KB
2015 NHPTC Annual Report.pdf1.07 MB
2014 NHPTC Annual Report.pdf1.18 MB
2013 NHPTC Annual Report.pdf3.71 MB
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