• 12 non-cushioned floodlit hardcourts
  • Spacious "Bert Faux" Pavilion inclusive of kitchen and toilets and showers suitable for disabled guests and athletes
  • PA System for inside and outside use

 Visitors Fees

There are two categories

  • Guest accompanying a Financial Member
  • Non-members wishing to hire courts

Guests accompanying a Financial Member are able to play up to 3 times in a year.

Fees are as follows:

  • Junior - $2 per half day
  • Adult - $6 per half day

Court Hire

  • Daylight play - $15 per court per hour
  • Playing under lights - $25 per court per hour
  • Bookings need to made prior with the Honorary Secretary - see Contact Us

Pavilion Hire

The Association hires the Pavilion for various functions providing that our neighbours are no inconvenienced by bad behaviour and excessive noise.

Thus as a policy we exclude the following function types:

  • 18th & 21st Birthdays
  • Engagements

However many other functions have been held at the club over many years without issue.

The fees are:

  • Bond - $300 - refunded if the there have been no issues as set out by our requirements.
  • Pavilion Hire Fee - $300

These fees are payable in advance.

All enquiries should be to the Honorary Secretary, see Contact Us